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One-on-one Makeup Lesson

  • Platinum
  • $325,00

    One-on-one Makeup Lesson
  • Learn how to do your own makeup during this personalized, 2.5 hour lesson! Together, we will:

    • Customize a makeup look based on you!
    • Based on your wants, needs, time you take to get ready, and the questionnaire filled out

    prior to lesson

    • Makeup lesson is done in your home, where you normally get ready and do your makeup routine
    • I will do one side of your face while you watch
    • You will replicate the other side of the face using the instructed techniques
    • I will provide guidance and feedback throughout the entire lesson
    • toss out old, unnecessary, or extra products that just clutter your makeup routine, but I will help guide you through which ones to throw out.
    • Your final completed look will be based on initial requested occasion (makeup for work, daily makeup, makeup look for special occasion)



    • detailed step-by-step chart of instructions to keep. The chart will notate all of the techniques and products used during your lesson. This chart will serve as a study guide for replicating the new look.
    • Makeup blending sponge
    • 30 minute follow up call to discuss your progress, successes, and opportunities, action items for continued improvement.
  • Silver
  • $175,00

    One-on-one Makeup Lesson
  • Learn how to do your own makeup during this personalized, 60-minute lesson! Together, we will:

    • You will write instructions needed for daily application
    • Learn best practices for using your current products
    • Watch Kayla apply to your skin
    • Maximize the use of products you already own and love


    After your lesson you will be more confident and eager to apply makeup you currently own.

  • Bronze
  • $95,00

    One-on-one Makeup Lesson
  • Who doesn’t love a good makeup purge and refresh???

    Together we will:

    • select customized products in store to refresh and/or incorporate in your daily makeup routine.

    Following the makeup haul experience you will be eager to pull out your fresh and necessary products for your makeup routine.

    Stores to meet at to select products:

    • Ulta
    • MAC
    • Sephora
    • Nordstroms